The road-map to your dream hair. 

Starting at $22 per month, you will receive monthly sets of products to help promote growth and retain length.

Our styling, nutrition, mind-set and wellness tips will guide you on creating the best possible environment for healthy hair growth.

The Club Rapunzel community will support you every step of the way.

Let's GROW together


Club Rapunzel is like taking your hair on a vacation. My hair is now fuller, longer and stronger thanks to Club Rapunzel.

Jocelle A.

I am amazed at how much softer my hair is and how much easier it is to detangle. Before Club Rapunzel a handful of hair would come out at [every] wash, and now almost none!  

Chrissy M.

My hair has dramatically grown. A few people came up to me and told me my hair looks longer. This club changed my point of view on how easy hair growth can be.

Mica C.



Now is the time to move forward towards your hair dreams. You will get daily instructions, natural products, support and accountability with the #clubrapunzel community.


When are boxes delivered and billed?

If you add a Prep Kit to your first order it will be shipped within 5 days, otherwise on 25th of that month. Payments renew on the 18th quarterly, semi-annually or yearly, and shipped on the 25th. You may cancel or pause at any time by logging in to change your preferences. You CAN NOT cancel by email and you must cancel or PAUSE before the 18th if your package is being sent that month.

Do the products change?

Yes! Each step of the program can change after 3 months, so each quarter you can choose to go to the next level of products as your hair improves.

How long is the program?

The program is 12 months. After that you may start from the beginning or pick your favorite three products to receive on a  quarterly basis. If you want to pause the membership you can send a special request so you wouldn't have to start the program from the beginning.

Can I wear protective styles during the program?

The hair treatment oils can be applied to braids and twists, and underneath enclosures. The conditioners you can save for later use. Although it is recommended to deep condition once a week during the program, it is not mandatory. The treatment oils can also be used on locs.

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