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This is the best hair care line out there. I have tried a million different some, super expensive, stuff and these are the only products that make my hair the way I want it to feel, clean and soft and shiny. I love the conditioning mask, that is the best conditioner I have ever used. And the serum is amazing!!! Stacey S

I am amazed at how much softer my hair is and how much easier it is to detangle. Before Club Rapunzel a handful of hair would come out at [every] wash, and now almost none... All of the steps are simple and work like MAGIC.

Chrissy M.

My hair is very oily so I didn't know if this program was right for me because I don't like to use oils. My other concerns were dullness and thinning. I was shocked that after a few weeks, my oily problems were gone, and my hair is the fullest it's ever been. I mean wow!

Elizabeth P.


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Your box is packed with quarterly products, weekly styling and wellness tips, and support from the #clubrapunzel community 


When are boxes delivered and billed?

You can expect your delivery to arrive at the end of the month if you grabbed an open membership spot before the 25th, otherwise, you'll get it before the end of the NEXT month. Add a Prep Kit to your order and it will be shipped first. Payments renew on the 15th and ship on the 20-30th. You may cancel or pause at any time by logging in to change your preferences. You CANNOT cancel by email and you must log in to make changes before your renewal. There are no refunds after renewals are processed.

Do the products change?

Yes! Each step of the program can change after 3 months, so each quarter you will go to the next level of products as your hair improves. You can make requests of which products/ingredients you prefer. AND as a member, you get a membership discount in the gift shop on your fave items!

How long is the program?

The program is 12 months. After that, you may start from the beginning or pick your favorite three products to receive on a  quarterly basis. You can always log in to change your next box's delivery date if you need more time or need a break (this must be done before your renewal is charged on the 15th).

How do I cancel? What will happen if I stop?

There are NO side effects of stopping Club Rapunzel as there are no medicinal supplements included. If you are committed to a healthy hair journey you can pause and come back when you are ready. All changes must be made before the 15th by logging in: NOT BY EMAIL. Refunds are permitted within 24 hours of the initial purchase, not on renewals. Product replacement or credits for lost packages must be requested within 30 days of dated delivery. Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns. See terms and conditions.

Can I wear protective styles during the program?

There is a program specifically for locs, locks, and sisterlocks called "The Lox Box". In the program for ALL hair types, the hair treatment oils can be applied to braids and twists, and underneath enclosures. The conditioners can be saved for later use. Although it is recommended to deep condition once a week during the program, it is not mandatory.

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