Holistic Solutions for Healthy Hair

Did you know that stress doesn't only cause hair loss but can block hair growth? Our weekly education and online yoga classes will help you reduce stress and increase circulation to the scalp for healthy hair. Rediscover the confidence to show-off your hair from root to tip. Join a community for all hair types to help guide, support inspire, and BE inspired by your journey.


Allow the loving energy that you put into your body to reflect through your skin, hair, health and all areas of your life.

Yoga + Meditation

The link between breath and movement for any body type.

Simple relaxation tips that will have you breathing and sleeping better. Enjoy recordings for convenience and live sessions for community bonding.


Fueling your body with exceptional nutrients in a simple and fun way that the whole family can enjoy. Including stress reduction tips, supplement and hair product recommendations, exclusive discounts, and more.


New and seasoned journeys to learn from and inspire others. Real time progress photos and updates from your peers.

What's right for YOU?


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Forever access to the community of experts and holistic haircare enthusiasts (limited spots available).


✦ Community platform access

✦ Connection and support in a forum with live educational events.

✦ Weekly yoga videos now through August 31, 2023 (then only in Growth with the Flow)

$20/mo - 200/yr (save 17%)

7-day trial

This online wellness program with community support helps you discover the profound connection between your mind, body, skin, and hair.


✦ 2 Welcome Videos

✦ 30 Day Ready-Set-Grow Basics

✦ 4 digital wellness videos (recurring monthly)

✦ 1 Live Event (recurring monthly)

✦ Access to Community Platform with weekly education

This will help you enhance your hair, skin, circulation and promote overall well-being.

Join the club for this empowering experience and holistic transformation.

Advice from the


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Two welcome videos to start your jouney: Challenge yourself to look within for this first video, then try the audio-only yoga class. What do you see with your eyes closed? Weekly videos to follow will be delivered straight to your inbox as an active member.


Coaching session

A discovery call to go over your goals and class preferences followed by a free customized monthly class for as long as you're a member. This one-time fee is waived for the first 25 Club Rapunzel Yoga for Hair, Skin, and Circulation members. The live or recorded videos will be in addition to all other classes.

come and be well


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You are supported every step of the way

"If you want your hair to grow include activities that deal with oxygen, blood flow, and conducting heat in your body."

Ashley B

"Asking an expert exactly what I can do for my hair type is a great feature."

Heisy P

"Yoga helps control anxiety and makes me less tense. When I am less stressed out I take better care of myself."

Tahia M

Guidance,Motivation, Friendship

We believe that having beautiful hair is about more than just using the right products - it's about taking care of your mind and body from the inside out. That's why we've created a space where you can learn about the best practices for hair growth, connect with others who share your goals, and get inspired to lead your best life. Come and join us on this journey of transformation!

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