About the founder

After a traumatic hair breakage experience due to bleach, and further hair loss due to the consequential stress, I discovered many natural and holistic paths to repair damage and grow healthier hair.

Finding ways to reduce stress while nurturing my body and mind were impactful for my progress and the progress of so many others over the past few years.

I am excited to welcome you to the Club Rapunzel Yoga for Hair Growth Program and the healthy hair community. Be consistent, respect your crown, document your success, and help each other.

Monique Woodland

Chief Growth Office

Leading with my prayer in heart center


My personal experience, yoga teachers, and Youtube University helped me a long way when recovering from traumatic hair damage. Eventually, I went through 200 hours of yoga teacher training to receive my certificate to further my understanding and personal practice.


My success is determined by how many people I can help. For every person that has said yes to trying Club Rapunzel, there were 100s that said no. My focus on the positive impact and outcomes is what keeps me going.


The Creative Action Journey workshop, Startup FIU Business Bootcamp, Amazon Black Business Accelerator, and Built-in Miami Cohort are a few programs that have helped my business


BNI, Wework, MBCC, Miami Made, BGM and more. To collab or cross-promote please get in touch through one of the social media channels below.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.

Can yoga prevent hair loss?

Yoga helps in promoting relaxation and stress reduction which can help hair loss related to stress. Enhancing blood circulation to the scalp, through yoga postures can help strengthen hair as well as stimulate growth.

How often should I practice?

Practicing yoga every day for at least 20 minutes aids in hair growth. When practicing yoga is not possible, simple meditative breathing techniques can help.

Will yoga lead to hair re-growth?

For hair loss or thinning that is solely related to stress, hormones, or blood flow, yoga can help by increasing blood flow, regulating hormones, and decreasing stress. Yoga does not necessarily treat all of the factors associated with genetics and autoimmune disease where the immune system affects the way hair grows from the follicle. Yoga when combined with all of the healing practices gives you the best chance to stop hair loss and promote re-growth where possible.

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